I know Halloween is an American tradition but it seems to be building into something bigger here every year.  Anyhow going through my archives and here is the beautiful Violet Morphine in a special Halloween feature at Dutton Park Cemetery. Make up was by Dariaan Cielo. Hard to believe I snapped this two years ago. Violet now lives in the LA and a very accomplished make up artist herself..as for her modelling she is moving into more mainstream..enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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    Brisbane by Night

    Night exposure photography is one area that tends generate a lot of ohhs and ahhs from non photograph community. I must admit I enjoy it and don’t do it enough. Last Friday my wife was having a night out in the city so I decided to stay in the city and do some night photography. I was going to catch the ferry and make my way to Kangaroo Point cliffs but ended driving to Main street  to the park where the Tafe  college used to be. A great view of the city but there are a few trees in the way….unfortunately. Later in the evening I took the stairs down to where Riverlife is and took some more shoots. I had two cameras and two tripods picked my spot and took 30 second exposures 100 iso F8…here is a selection of my shoots..enjoy.


    And Lastly a six stitch Panaroma using my 70-200mm lens 100 iso f8 30 secends each shot

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    A Beach Wedding

    Nothing like starting spring with a Beach Wedding. A few weeks back I second shot a wedding on Bribie for Karen Cougan Above See Level Photography . It was  a mid morning wedding, the Bride and Groom had no attendants, so it was kinda casual but elegant. As you can image the setting was absolutely fabulous. The day was  glorious with blue sky  sunny and a light wind, which for surfside Bribie can be a rarity. The ceremony took place on the beach and a reception followed at the Local Surf Club. Congratulations guys and thanks Karen for letting me shoot with you. Enjoy some of my images.


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    Congratulations to Miss Ink QLD 2012 Winners!

    Now I am from that disapproving generation of tattoos…I kinda like them but on someone elses daughter…I dont want one but respect those who have them with that said I am so excited! Last week I did a photoshoot for Jade Halley (Belle Amour) which entailed taking shots in a Studio for a Pin Up Calender for PINK.We had nine girls two fabulous make up artists including Courtney Bridges MUA and I had Melissa Jane assisting in the studio. Now I can’t show the calender shots but I can show you a few headshots taken on the day. What is even more exciting is I found out this morning that I had the pleasure of shooting the Winner of Miss Ink QLD 2012, Adelle-Marree Smith last Sunday. Congratulations Adelle-Marree you deserve the win last night hope you do well in the national finals in Melbourne December 1, 2012. I  would like to be there but I have a trip already booked to the States and I will be in Las Vegas…I will be thinking of you! Now for more amazing news Jade Halley (Belle Armour) made runner-up last night a well deserved win also. That snake idea must of done the trick!  Miss Amy Frankie Mae Felon  took out the wildcard entry so you could say I got the hat-trick should have bet money on it. So happy for these girls…best of luck for the national final in December.



    Miss Amy Frankie Mae Felon

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    Ashley enters the Boudoir….

    Our Pink Guest room has been keenly sought after as a shoot  location..but how can I make each shoot different? Ashley wanted to do a pinup inspired shoot and so we decided to use a few different props. A large teddy bear, the antique phone and a picture frame. I am really happy with the images I captured. Looking at the images I just can’t find a favourite I love them all! Ashley is quite an experienced user of Photoshop so on this shoot I let her do the post work on the images.  Ashley is truly a dedicated Model and a pleasure to shoot with…she is easy on the eye too!  Thanks Ashley.

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