Havana – Cuba

    Where has March gone? Oh I remember I went to Cuba. Have to say had a fabulous holiday in Cuba. Cuba is certainly a photographers delight and Havana is a city you could spend many days in exploring. However do not think like us it would be a cheap holiday….there is nothing to buy but by the time you buy water, meals and pay tips it is quite expensive. Cuba has two currencies, the local currency and the Tourist Currency which can only be bought in Cuba. This Cuban Peso is 1 Convertible Peso is equivilant to 1 Australian dollar and is about 25 times the local Peso. Cuba depended alot on Russia until the fall of the Berlin Wall now their number one area of support is from Cuban Amercians followed by Tourism.

    The place is certainly in a time warp aka 1959 ….much is in disrepair and Cubans face rations for stables, education and medical is free but many hunger for more which means that tipping and begging is rampant. The people are certainly friendly and helpful. Here are a few of my many snaps…enjoy!

    2013 In Review… » stevepetersiconphotos.com - […] look back it is hard to know where the year went. For me the highlight of the year was our trip to Cuba in March. If it wasn’t so far away and hard to get to, I would go back in an instant. I am pleased we […]

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    Bruno Valmadre

    At the beginning of the month I had the pleasure of attending an exhibition at Caboolture Art Gallery by Bruno Valmadre. Called the Evolutionary Invasion series..Bruno has sculptured pieces out of old timbers from North Queensland demolished wharfs. Bruno and his good wife Jean are friends of my Mother-inLaw Pam, and Bruno also has an extensive collection of jewellery he has crafted. This is not displayed in this exhibition but his pieces of sculpture are worth viewing to marvel at his work using a combination of old timber which has seen the revages of sea water and time, sawdust, wood stain and the odd bit of wire…. truly inspiring work. Its on display until  23 February at Caboolture Art Gallery.


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    New York Icons

    One thing I have learnt with my photography is never delete an image. Case in point with my images from my recent New York Holiday. I have learnt some new processing techniques using NIK software Colour FX. I decided to run some of my Iconic New York shots through this process. I am hoping to get some new iconic Brisbane Shots and run them through the same process..in the meantime re visit New York with me.

    Statute of Liberty

    Ellis Island

    Looking back to Manhatten

    Brooklyn Bridge

    Close up Brooklyn Bridge

    Staten Island Ferry

    Looking to Central Park from the Rock

    Empire State Building from the Rock

    From the rock

    Near Radio City

    Times Square

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    Fast Bike and Hot Car…

    Nothing is more pleasing than doing a concept shoot and  looking at your final images and actually achieving what you set out  to create. I have worked with Funky Chick several times now and each time I find I am able to get more out of her as a Model. Funky Chick had a range of  inspirational images to work off and between us I feel we manged to capture all the poses she had. Orginally a car was not  going to be in our shoot but when offered the chance couldn’t we say no.  I am pleased with the results…thank you Funky Chick, thanks to Adam for your Bike and Brenton for your car. Enjoy the images..

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    Print your Art

    One thing with the digital age is we tend to hold our albums of photos on a website. I must say that there is nothing more satisfying than having your images printed out. I decided to print out a couple of images from my recent US trip. The first image is one I took from the Empire State Building the other is from the Rockefeller Centre on dusk. One I decided to print on glass the other on metal. Well the one on Metal arrived last night and I am so chuffed to see a large print of mine come to life. This year I intend to print more of my work and find even printing to photo books brings a whole different feel to your work. I might even be so game as to have an exhibition later in the year. I keep thinking if you don’t have your art on display how will anyone knows about it? I wonder if in years to come whether we will regret the digital age as the images will be lost in cyberspace for ever…here is the image I had printed on metal.


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