Introducing Chrissie…

    Those that know me know I am  challenged when it comes to hair. So I expect for someone to decide to change their hair colour is a big thing. Chrissie was a red head and decided to have a change and go to black hair. Some ridiculed her saying she could kiss goodbye to any modelling…I on the other hand felt she would look stunning. The photos that follow show I was not wrong. Chrissie does a bit of catwalk modelling and one thing we both commented on is often fashion designers clothing is seen to clash with redheads so they void using redhead Models. So Chrissie was game to change her hair colour and I was thankful I got the privilege to reveal her new look. Enjoy. Thank You Chrissie!










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    Bratz Doll

    It’s nice to work with a model who is not afraid to push the boundaries. Bratz Doll and I had discussed a couple of concepts and figured we would give them a go and see what we came up with…

    The first concept was a Girl with a gun and a Bottle of Jim Beam…pretty easy  as JB is Bratz’s favourite poison..
    Bratz Doll-67


    The next shot is one I have had for over three years of a girl sitting in a Laundromat sitting naked with a pair shoes reading a newspaper others in the laundromat absorbed in their books. As it happens this image was one of Bratz Dolls favourites too. Now I had already checked out the Laundromat earlier and figured we could be in and out pretty quick…I set the camera up on  a tripod and joined in as the disinterested other party…

    Bratz Doll-47


    The next image involved a girl with a gun hiding behind her back with the guy out of focus getting out of the car….another tripod and delayed shutter shot..

    Bratz Doll-106-Edit



    Finally Bratz had liked an image I did with a Motorbike…the area I had originally shot it this was an old train shunting yard with old graffiti carriages but they have since had them taken away. As luck would have it over Christmas a car was stolen and burnt out so this was the site of our bike images.

    Bratz Doll-61Bratz Doll is fun to work with and I look forward to pulling together  a few more concepts with her in the near future.

    Its fun to set about to  recreate images and apply your own twist..on reflection I could have done better but for a first go I am happy with the results we obtained and learnt a few things as well.

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    2013 In Review…

    So another year passes and as I look back it is hard to know where the year went. For me the highlight of the year was our trip to Cuba in March. If it wasn’t so far away and hard to get to, I would go back in an instant. I am pleased we went and look back fondly on all my images.

    Photographically this year I got to create some great images with Marcelle in April, made a return to the Body Art Carnivale at Eumundi in May. Commenced my first Bodyartscape images in June as well as having the absolute privilege of photographing the book launch, Surviving Suicide by Reanne Goes. Shot with Tyneille in July one of my favourite models who allowed me to photograph her prom in November. Priveledged to do several sessions with Laura in September. Got to fulfil my wish to shoot a fitness style shoot with Kayla in October . Then December become hectic was once again privileged to shoot Ashley’s baby bump, A Hot Erinlee with her car, Queensland Belly Dance Academy Egyptian Summer Spectacular and finally Beck in a boudoir style.

    The year started slow but appeared to finish in a flourish.

    So whats ahead? 2014 has been off to a flying start and I look forward to sharing my first hot air ballon experience latter in the year as well as I am looking to go to Nepal in October 2014. Of course I hope to do the odd wedding, Baby Shower, Birthday, party..anything really. So Happy New Year and lets hope it is everything you want it to be!

    Secret Location-58


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    Beck Beauty Shoot

    It is no often a client will let me share their photos. Prior to Christmas Beck had a  shoot with me as a present for her Husband for Christmas. Laura Dreyer did make up and styled the shoot and we had some fun with the shots. One of my favourite props the telephone featured, and I think it is popular because of the fact no one knows what to do with their hands and having a phone and the cord to play with seems to allow them to relax. Beck is most comfortable in a pair of Jeans and just before she was about to head out the door she changed into her jeans and I said stop…let me take some shots. From my point of view some of these are my favourites. Enjoy.

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    Ashley’s Baby Bump Photos

    In the lead up to Christmas it seems appropriate to think about babies and one of the sweetest models I know is expecting her second child. Ashley and Dustin asked if I could do some images for them and of course I jumped at the chance. Such a privilege to capture this lovely couple together with big sister Harley. Had such a fun shoot and I even think Harley enjoyed it. Ashley likes to edit her photos and she is one of the few Models who I allow to do this. So here is her photos..her story…enjoy

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    2013 In Review… » - […] style shoot with Kayla in October . Then December become hectic was once again privileged to shoot Ashley’s baby bump, A Hot Erinlee with her car, Queensland Belly Dance Academy Egyptian Summer Spectacular and finally […]

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