Lost Cause Vintage Customs

    Let me introduce you to Lost Cause Vintage Customs and it’s owner Steve Michael Scott.

    In 2004 Steve went from being a fit mountain-climber and martial artist, to slowly becoming something rather horrible. After many years of suffering total-body/nerve pain, putting on weight, extreme fatigue and exhaustion, brain fog/memory loss, and many many many blood tests to determine the problem, Steve was “officially” diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Now, many of you will have no idea what that is, but I will give you the crash course. It turns a rather fit and healthy young 20-something adult like Steve into a 90 year old, almost overnight.

    Considering that most medical professionals say that fibromyalgia can’t be beaten, and considering that people Steve’s age with it can end up bed-ridden (like Steve was for a few years), I think that he is doing pretty damn well. He has told me he has always tried to live his life by his rules, and for many years  he has held a firm belief in what he calls “the rule of the 3 P’s” –

    He has not let it beat him, and although there have been times it has brought him way down.. down to his knees, he hasn’t  let it keep him there. he has  stayed on the path and mindset of the true warrior and believed that given enough time, and enough knowledge, he could beat this thing. Well, at the moment he is winning.

    And so too is he winning with Lost Cause Vintage Customs..I had the privilege to shoot with Steve, Jakki from Little Love Bug Photography, Model Megan Hyam and the Extra Special..ala the 1977 Yamaha XS 750  transformed into a super sexy cafe racer…. here are some images from the day.

    This is Steve’s second cafe racer and I can’t wait to see his next creation.


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    Sandra Temple- Artist, Body-painter, Tutor

    I first meet Sandra Temple at a body-painting competition at Southport in 2010, this was her first attempt at Body Painting and she had so much fun that she has been body painting ever since. Our friendship has continued on Facebook , since she lives Southside I live  Northside. I enjoy watching her produce her Art works, talk about her classes and various exhibitions then once in a while we meet, where I am photographing and Sandra is usually body painting.

    Sandra is a self taught artist and has been a professional artist and illustrator for nearly 3 decades. During this time she has had a cartoon strip running for 8 years, designed numerous corporate logos, worked with the RSPCA, the Qld Police Force and quite a few City Councils as a cartoonist and illustrator. She has taught realistic drawing at numerous primary schools with a focus on conservational education, designed and made theatre costumes and sets as well as taught stage make-up, she has designed and made unique jewellery, illustrated children’s books as well as written and illustrated her own books.

    In 1998 she started to organise art exhibitions for art groups and the Inaugural International Wildlife Exhibition in 1999, which took 2 years to organise. This was a major challenge with 20 overseas artists exhibiting beside Australian ones. After previously holding the positions of President, Treasurer, Secretary and Editor, Sandra is again holding the position of President of the Qld Wildlife Artists Society Inc.

    Although in previous years Sandra has exhibited a few times a year at the bigger shows, she finds it harder these days as her originals sell quickly and she is unable to keep up with demand. Her limited edition geclee reproductions sell well and are available from her website.

    Concentrating her energy now on painting the worlds endangered species Sandra works in all mediums and is especially keen on mixed medium paintings. She is an art judge, an art teacher working with adults and children, a popular workshop tutor and is a product demonstrator for Faber-Castell.

    Sandra has become an avid body-painter and her love for  Australian wildlife often comes out in her body art, however she also has a love for all things Steampunk and recent body art work has incorporated this genre. I have a feeling Sandra’s previous involvement in theatre costuming days is coming out here. Whatever artwork Sandra creates I stand in awe of her creativity if it is body painting or her knack at capturing nature in the wild.

    The thing that  amazes me the most with Sandra is she also suffers with Fybromyalgia, yet rarely does she complain nor does she let it stop her from creating her art, Tutoring her students or doing her stint at the art gallery in Cleveland.

    Sandra is an active member of many wildlife and conservation groups locally, nationally and internationally. Each year she chooses two local and one international wildlife conservation group to donate original artworks and limited edition giclee reproductions for fundraising. A percentage of many or her originals are also donated to ‘good causes’.

    So I am looking forward to catching up with Sandra at Zuri on April 24th when she will be Body Painting Chrissie. (tickets still available) Later in the year we will both be attending A Celebration of the Female Form Exhibition 28 June 2014.

    Here is a small sample of her Body Painting Art from the  Australian Body Art Carnivale  in Eumundi last May. (Models Leanne Donovan and Tammy Schwerin)


    Model Leanne Donovan with Sandra Temple Artist

    Sandra in Action

    The finished work

    Sandra’s Model Tammy made into a tree

    The Finished Product


    The Detail

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    Chrissie in the Boudoir…

    I have introduced you to Chrissie earlier in the year. Chrissie is a mother of three, not that you would think it, but having three children has taken a toll on her body. Chrissie has recently had some enhancements in the breast area.  I am pleased to have been selected by Chrissie to reveal her new look. She was a sensational model without the enhancements, but now? Wow what can I say I think hear new boobs enhance her long legs and she just looks so so sexy. Here is a selection of shots…enjoy.


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    More Bodyartscapes (NSFW)

    This is a continuation of my Bodyartscapes..this time my model does not mind being named. I am building a library of images for an exhibition towards  the end of the year . This time my Model, ErinLee McMahon, happens to be bit of a car buff. With the controversay of Queensland VLAD laws I had to depict a couple of scenes dedicated to this.  Erinlee’s husband Dom placed the models and came up with a few ideas of his own.

    I will be displaying 3 pieces of my Bodyartscapes at the Celebration of the Female Form Event end of June.

    Make sure you mark the date when myself and other talented artists will come together to support the

    Celebration of the Female Form Event

    Brisbane Table Tennis Club – 86 Green Tce, Windsor, Brisbane QLD
    Art Exhibition opens to the public $5 admission go to Butterfly Foundation and BRISC:
    Saturday 8am to 5pm 28/06/2014 Sunday 8am to 2pm 29/06/2014


    In the meantime happy viewing….

    Welcome to Queensland…untitled-59 Meanwhile back at the Clubhouse…untitled-80Mountain Climbinguntitled-71Hiking…

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    Tara Prince Model

    Tara is what is called a Plus Size Model. Now depending on who you talk to Plus Size can start from size 14 up. My Wife is on the plus side and it always makes me laugh that when we were in the USA in LA going into dress shops and asking if they had any plus size clothes…Sorry Madam we don’t have any clothing for Real Women…anyhow I digress. As you can imagine the demand for plus size models is not great and some people can be very rude and derogatory to the plus size models. So please no rude comments.

    Tara and I decided to do a Boudoir session as I wanted to be able to show that Plus size girls can look just as sexy using the right poses.The following is a set of images that I believe show Tara in her best light. We had fun doing this shoot and hopefully will do some more work with Tara in the future. Tara was brave to allow me to experiment with her…enjoy 🙂








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