Migelly & Jessie

I love nothing better than photographing a wedding and when Migelly contacted me and asked could I photograph his wedding…well I was honoured and humbled. Migelly was marrying the love of his life Jessie..they made a pact way back that they would marry when they reached 25 years of age. Migelly & Jessie were going to be married at a very familiar place to me, Old Petrie Town.

So their big day rolled around…Early in the day storm clouds gathered and dumped rain upon us, I must admit I was panicking, rain at a wedding can be very romantic, so I maddly went about buying umbrellas..thinking what we could do, however the rain was more torrential than a gentlely fall from the sky…and wet brides..well they dont exactly look glamorous.

The day rolled on we had fine weather than rain, fine weather then rain again..however importantly Migelly and Jessie were married in between the rain showers and I captured some beautiful images of a couple who are so deeply in love..it brought a tear to my eye…it reminded me of the first wedding I shot ┬ásome 5 years ago. When two people are deeply in love it is hard to take bad images. Here is a selection from their day…Congratulations Migelly & Jessie.

Mr & Mrs Shaw wedding GC-5498

Mr & Mrs Shaw wedding-6013

Mr & Mrs Shaw wedding-6028

Mr & Mrs Shaw wedding-6066

Mr & Mrs Shaw wedding GC-2453

Mr & Mrs Shaw wedding-6113

Mr & Mrs Shaw wedding-6150

Mr & Mrs Shaw wedding-6188

Mr & Mrs Shaw wedding-6244

Mr & Mrs Shaw wedding-6331

Mr & Mrs Shaw wedding-6385-Edit-Edit

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