Lost Cause Vintage Customs

Let me introduce you to Lost Cause Vintage Customs and it’s owner Steve Michael Scott.

In 2004 Steve went from being a fit mountain-climber and martial artist, to slowly becoming something rather horrible. After many years of suffering total-body/nerve pain, putting on weight, extreme fatigue and exhaustion, brain fog/memory loss, and many many many blood tests to determine the problem, Steve was “officially” diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Now, many of you will have no idea what that is, but I will give you the crash course. It turns a rather fit and healthy young 20-something adult like Steve into a 90 year old, almost overnight.

Considering that most medical professionals say that fibromyalgia can’t be beaten, and considering that people Steve’s age with it can end up bed-ridden (like Steve was for a few years), I think that he is doing pretty damn well. He has told me he has always tried to live his life by his rules, and for many years  he has held a firm belief in what he calls “the rule of the 3 P’s” –

He has not let it beat him, and although there have been times it has brought him way down.. down to his knees, he hasn’t  let it keep him there. he has  stayed on the path and mindset of the true warrior and believed that given enough time, and enough knowledge, he could beat this thing. Well, at the moment he is winning.

And so too is he winning with Lost Cause Vintage Customs..I had the privilege to shoot with Steve, Jakki from Little Love Bug Photography, Model Megan Hyam and the Extra Special..ala the 1977 Yamaha XS 750  transformed into a super sexy cafe racer…. here are some images from the day.

This is Steve’s second cafe racer and I can’t wait to see his next creation.


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