Tara Prince Model

Tara is what is called a Plus Size Model. Now depending on who you talk to Plus Size can start from size 14 up. My Wife is on the plus side and it always makes me laugh that when we were in the USA in LA going into dress shops and asking if they had any plus size clothes…Sorry Madam we don’t have any clothing for Real Women…anyhow I digress. As you can imagine the demand for plus size models is not great and some people can be very rude and derogatory to the plus size models. So please no rude comments.

Tara and I decided to do a Boudoir session as I wanted to be able to show that Plus size girls can look just as sexy using the right poses.The following is a set of images that I believe show Tara in her best light. We had fun doing this shoot and hopefully will do some more work with Tara in the future. Tara was brave to allow me to experiment with her…enjoy 🙂








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