Bratz Doll

It’s nice to work with a model who is not afraid to push the boundaries. Bratz Doll and I had discussed a couple of concepts and figured we would give them a go and see what we came up with…

The first concept was a Girl with a gun and a Bottle of Jim Beam…pretty easy  as JB is Bratz’s favourite poison..
Bratz Doll-67


The next shot is one I have had for over three years of a girl sitting in a Laundromat sitting naked with a pair shoes reading a newspaper others in the laundromat absorbed in their books. As it happens this image was one of Bratz Dolls favourites too. Now I had already checked out the Laundromat earlier and figured we could be in and out pretty quick…I set the camera up on  a tripod and joined in as the disinterested other party…

Bratz Doll-47


The next image involved a girl with a gun hiding behind her back with the guy out of focus getting out of the car….another tripod and delayed shutter shot..

Bratz Doll-106-Edit



Finally Bratz had liked an image I did with a Motorbike…the area I had originally shot it this was an old train shunting yard with old graffiti carriages but they have since had them taken away. As luck would have it over Christmas a car was stolen and burnt out so this was the site of our bike images.

Bratz Doll-61Bratz Doll is fun to work with and I look forward to pulling together  a few more concepts with her in the near future.

Its fun to set about to  recreate images and apply your own twist..on reflection I could have done better but for a first go I am happy with the results we obtained and learnt a few things as well.

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