Bodyartscapes (NSFW)

As soon as I saw Allan Teger’s Bodyscapes… I knew this was something I wanted to try. So the search for miniatures was not until fellow photographer Rita Drysdale photographed some miniature people did the world of train modelling lead me to a supply of miniatures. Ebay got  a serious thrashing as I tried to gather a collection of miniatures. I  did not necessarily want to copy Allan Teger I started thinking of different angles…Lego miniatures were added then, Dr Who, Gumby, Smurfs,Teletubbies, Spacemen…you name it I am now patrolling the toy shops looking for miniatures of all sorts. This is my first attempt and must thank my  model Ella Jay and our assistant  EN who placed the models on Ella Jay. The lighting is a tad harsh and  I state this was a learning exercise and having done it I now know how to use my lighting better to get even better results next time. These images do feature Nudity so if Nudity offends please go no further. I hope you enjoy the art!

Skiing the Slopes

Caravan in Wilderness

Go Mario

The Dalek Returns……

Somewhere in Space

Checking out the sights..

Zebra Frollicks….

Traffic in the Country

Somewhere in China…

Cutting the Grass..

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