Surviving Suicide -How I Reclaimed My Life

The first Wednesday night in June is usually associated with State of Origin…but last Wednesday I had the pleasure of photographing for Reanne Goes at her book launch of her book Surviving Suicide – How I Reclaimed My Life. The evening was co-ordinated by Karen Tancin from Classique Event with food from Jan Woods of Jans Fine Foods & Catering held in the beautiful showroom of  Infiniti Centre Brisbane. Around 100 people attended the launch and entertainment was provided by duo  Kara Towner and  Sebastien Macke with further entertainment from Adamo Dane,  Emcee for the night was Mark McConville.

The star of the night was of course Reanne Goes, Reanne book is about how on one cold June morning 2004 she woke up to find that her younger brother had taken his own life in her home. In her search for meaning in books she identified that there was little to support the survivors of suicide. This prompted her to share her journey of grief and then her inspirational story on how she turned her life around and overcome her own depression so that she now lives a rich fullfilled life.(text from Amazon).

The launch of the book also had a further purpose in that Reanne was wanting to raise money for Suicide Prevention Australia and it was pleasing to see a sizeable amount of money was raised on the night.

Suicide is a subject no one likes to talk about, I have been lucky that I personally have not come close to it but I have many friends who have had to deal with the aftermath of a suicide. With us being more open about it perhaps we will become more aware of what goes through the mind of those who decide to Suicide to the point where perhaps we can recognise the signs. Depression is a real disease and help is at hand please if you are feeling depressed seek help.

I have read Reanne’s book..and what can I say? Wow I was disappointed it was only 60 pages…I wanted more, however understand how hard that would have been to write that much . Want the book buy it here? I would also like to thank Peter Enright for recommending me to Reanne Goes.

A few snaps from the spectacular night.


Surviving Suicide – How I reclaimed My Life

Reanne Goes Centre

Kara Towner & Sebastien Macke

Mark McConville

Adamo Dane

It wouldn’t be a Launch without a Book Signing

Reanne Goes with Bob & Suzi Aldons


Reanne Goes with her Mother Rae Goes

Mark McConville - Hey Steve, Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the photos that you took the other night at Reanne’s book launch , very impressive indeed mate. I’m actually looking for some new promo photos at the moment and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind showing me some that you feel may be appropriate. The one that you’ve placed in this blog is a really good starting point.
Mate once again. thank you for showing up on the night and doing such an amazing job, I really feel as though you captured the evening in pictures beautifully. I’m only sorry that we didn’t actually get a chance to meet formally and have a chat.
Hope you’re well, and once again , great work…
Mark McConville

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