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One thing with the digital age is we tend to hold our albums of photos on a website. I must say that there is nothing more satisfying than having your images printed out. I decided to print out a couple of images from my recent US trip. The first image is one I took from the Empire State Building the other is from the Rockefeller Centre on dusk. One I decided to print on glass the other on metal. Well the one on Metal arrived last night and I am so chuffed to see a large print of mine come to life. This year I intend to print more of my work and find even printing to photo books brings a whole different feel to your work. I might even be so game as to have an exhibition later in the year. I keep thinking if you don’t have your art on display how will anyone knows about it? I wonder if in years to come whether we will regret the digital age as the images will be lost in cyberspace for ever…here is the image I had printed on metal.


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