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Ashley enters the Boudoir….

Our Pink Guest room has been keenly sought after as a shoot  location..but how can I make each shoot different? Ashley wanted to do a pinup inspired shoot and so we decided to use a few different props. A large teddy bear, the antique phone and a picture frame. I am really happy with the images I captured. Looking at […]

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Courtney Bridges MUA

Through my photography I have meet some great people. I have worked with some top models and some awesome MUA’s. MUA’s you say? Yeah Make Up Artists…. Early in my shooting career I found out that having a pretty model  helps but having an awesome make up artist gives your shoot the wow factor. In an industry dominated […]

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Her Way To Hell AC/DC All Girl Tribute Band….

I used to work with Maree Taylor one of the band members of Her Way to Hell..she asked me if I’d come to their gig at the Racehorse Hotel and take a few photos (900 images later…lol). Now I like a challenge as I knew this would be a low light challenge with flashing coloured lights…I […]

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