Story Bridge Adventure Climb with Camera!

Okay so I survived the Story Bridge Adventure Climb  with camera. There were four of us and once we had removed all loose objects and had our suit on and Camera firmly attached we set off. The initial climb was relatively easy under the bridge. The first section to where the flag is flying was fairly easy but the next section to the top tended to show I was still carrying the Christmas over indulgence and I was a bit puffed when I made it to the Top.

Choice of lens was always going to be an issue. I decided to take my recently acquired  10-24 lens. I was reasonably happy with my choice but the 70-200 would have come in handy also..but then again the 28-75..yep I discussed this with one of my fellow climbers and wonder if they would have let us bring two cameras…mmm don’t think so. It was reasonably windy up there and the Bridge does shudder under the movement of traffic especially trucks and buses. This became more evident once sunset came about and the lights came on…despite my best efforts to steady the camera I am somewhat disappointed with my night shots due to movement.

Why I didn’t push the ISO up is beyond me..they look so good on the back of the camera and I had plenty of time to experiment….maybe it was the fact that I could only take one Memory card so was preserving my shots this is the one time I wish I had a massive memory card..oh well an excuse to return and do it all again. I recommend doing it, it is very safe anbd great experience.


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