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So here it is my new photography page/blog. This will be a work in progress as I teach myself more about WordPress and ProPhoto 4 blog template. Since Christmas I have had a rest from shooting and SundayI did my first shoot.

Sundays shoot was with Tyneille Halee a young 16 year old Model from the Sunshine Coast.  We went to old Petrie Town and decided to experiment with off camera flash. At the end of this post are photos that show my set up. You will see I shot with a Beauty Dish and a 40 degree Grid. The Light has a guide number of 52 and was about 3.5 metres from the Model. I had 2/3rds power and was shooting at 100 ISO this meant I pushed the aperture up to f11 and used a  shutter speed around 125.

I must admit I stole the idea of using the grid in the Beautydish from Dean Agar Photographer..watching him shoot at Love Nightclub Broadbeach so thought I would have a go. I am quite pleased with the results in the end..I perhaps could have shoot at f9 given the grid reduced the light output but happy with what results I got.

Later in the week I am looking forward to using my Christmas present from my wonderful wife of a Bridge Climb of the Story Bridge with camera! Having just taken delivery of my 10-24 mm Lens(Tamron), bought second hand on eBay I think this will make an excellent lens for the Bridge Climb.








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